Typical Loan Charges

A payday loan is designed as a short term product to give you the money you need fast with as little hastle as possible.

Payday Loans are typically repayable at £25 for every £100 you borrow; in other words you borrow £100 and pay back £125, or you borrow £200 and pay back £250 and so on. Payday loans are not designed as a long term borrowing solution.

You may be given the option to rollover or extend the term of your loan. If you do chose to renew or rollover your loan or extend the loan period you will be charged additional interest for this service. The charges will be in line with our regular charges.

Penalties relating to late or non-payment

If you are late making your loan payments, or if payments are missed altogether, you may be subject to loan fees and penalties that could increase the overall cost of your loan. To avoid penalties like these, it's best to make payments on or before the days that they are due.

When making loan payments, consider non-business days and bank holidays that may delay the processing of your payment.

Your lender will provide all the details regarding payment dates at the time you take your loan out. These dates and commitments will form part of your loans agreement. If you do find yourself in a position where you are unable to make a payment or are going to be late, get in touch with your lender and see what options they can give you in these circumstances.